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Real Time Sessions/Webinars

During facilitated open online course cohorts such as BlendKit2017, participants gather weekly in an interactive webinar (using YouTube Live) setting to touch base and to interact with guest presenters as a culmination of the preceding week’s topics. The time and date for real time sessions during open online cohorts are listed on the Schedule.

Streamed BlendKit 2017 Sessions

Session Archive Recordings

The archived recordings of the interactive webinars from past open online course cohort are linked below as additional supporting resources and faculty development examples.


  • Session 01: Understanding Blended Learning – Coming Soon!
  • Session 02: Blended Interactions – Coming Soon!
  • Session 03: Blended Assessments of Learning – Coming Soon!
  • Session 04: Blended Content & Assignments – Coming Soon!
  • Session 05: Quality Assurance in Blended Learning – Coming Soon!