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Engagement Options

The BlendKit course materials present several different types of potential learning activities, and the BlendKit materials are designed to accommodate a range of participation/engagement options; whether one is pursuing self-study, a local discussion group, or participating in one of the facilitated open online course cohorts such as BlendKit2014.

Whole or Part

Many of us who have years of experience with higher education courses are mindful of the time commitment involved in engaging fully with a course as an “A student.” The BlendKit course materials, however, are designed to serve the needs, time availability, and topical interests of the individual.

If you have the time and inclination and wish to work your way through a weekly grouping of activities much like a typical university course, you may do so. (Please see the links to each week’s activities in the sidebar to the right.) However, you certainly may choose to only engage with one component of the course (e.g., readings, the live/recorded webinar sessions, the DIY course-building project tasks, reading/commenting upon blog postings made by others using the materials, etc.) Some practical examples are listed below.

You decide how the BlendKit materials best work for you. You determine what “successful completion” of BlendKit2014 means for you.

Equally Valid Examples of Engagement

Participating in BlendKit2014

During facilitated open, online course cohorts based on the BlendKit Course materials, a number of additional interaction options are available to registrants:

  • Join in with weekly webinars. Listen/ask questions of guest presenters. Interact with other participants in real time.
  • Interact asynchronously with other participants using the learning management system communication hub.
  • Engage with the BlendKit information stream (via Diigo or Flickr) by reading and contributing content
  • Earn online badges for completion of course activities.

Several participation levels are available during open, online course cohorts:

  1. Completers: Registrants who earn at least one badge for each of the five course topics during the course.
  2. Participants: Registrants who earn between one and five badges during the course.
  3. Auditors: Registrants who receive and observe course communications but do not earn any badges.