Course Description

Composition is an introductory course based on the Writing about Writing curriculum. The course is made up of four modules:

  1. How Do Communities Shape Writing?

    examines how different groups of people communicate in a variety of styles, and how discourse communities influence writing styles and genres.

  2. Understanding and Joining Academic Communities

    explores the specialized types of discourse communities found in colleges and universities and identifies skills and strategies to help students write successfully for various academic disciplines.

  3. How Readers Read and Writers Write

    identifies strategies for reading critically and provides an overview of the writing practices and processes of various discourse communities.

  4. Writing Processes and Practices

    examines individual approaches to writing from the perspective of writers’ motivation, processes, and working styles. Students will compare the writing processes of several contemporary writers, identify how their own writing styles vary across genres and communities, explore solutions to writer’s block, and investigate how they might revise their writing processes to improve the effectiveness of their own writing.

Course Content