Is blended the same as half-distance?

By Anders Norberg (Education Strategist,  Campus Skellefteå, Sweden ) A common description of “blended learning” is combination of face-to-face and distance education practises, or methods, or tools, or content, or cultures….well, a combination of two existing concepts anyway. Perhaps also a meeting of the traditional and the new, of the ordinary in education and the project based.... Continue reading Is blended the same as half-distance? >>

MOOC Round 2!

Dive Into Blended Learning! The University of Central Florida (UCF) announces the second offering of its popular MOOC (massive open online course) for blended learning faculty and designers: BlendKit2012. Based around the open-licensed BlendKit Course instructional materials contained within the web site, BlendKit2012 will run as a five-week cohort (from Monday, September 24 to... Continue reading MOOC Round 2! >>