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The following Schedule is suggested as a guide for individuals or groups wishing to work through the BlendKit course materials on their own. Specific dates will appear in the Schedule for all facilitated open online course offerings.

Week Topic Focus Question Do-It-Yourself Project Deliverables Real Time Sessions
Orientation 4/21/2014 1pm(US EDT; -4 UTC)
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Understanding Blended Learning
Week 01 Readings
Week 01 Activities
What will my blend be? Blog It Course Blueprint
Mix Map
4/28/2014 1pm (US EDT; -4 UTC)
Featuring: Dr. Alisha Janowsky (University of Central Florida) and Dr. Gerry Bergtrom (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
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Blended Interactions
Week 02 Readings
Week 02 Activities
How and when will students and I interact? Blog It Draft Schedule, Syllabus, and Protocols
Module Interaction Worksheet
5/5/2014 1pm (US EDT; -4 UTC)
Featuring: Dr. Dylan Barth (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) and Roxana Levin (St. Petersburg College)
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Blended Assessments of Learning
Week 03 Readings
Week 03 Activities
How will I determine students are learning?
Blog It
Revised Course Blueprint Revised Syllabus
Create Assignment Instructions
Configure Online Quizzes
5/12/2014 1pm (US EDT; -4 UTC)
Featuring: Dr. Beth Carlson (St. Petersburg College) and Amy Mangrich (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
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Blended Content & Assignments
Week 04 Readings
Week 04 Activities
How and when will I introduce and collect student work?
Blog It
Blended Integration Chart
Create Module Pages

Module Template
5/19/2014 1pm (US EDT; -4 UTC)
Featuring: Dr. Debbie Hahs-Vaughn (University of Central Florida) and  Dylan Barth (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
Quality Assurance
Week 05 Readings
Week 05 Activities
Am I ready to deliver this course?
Blog It
Blended Course Implementation Checklist
Self Assessment & Peer Review Rubric
TUESDAY 5/27/2014 1pm (US EDT; -4 UTC)
Featuring: Dr. Leslee Damato-Kubiet (University of Central Florida) and Dr. Trista Merrill (Finger Lakes Community College)
Catchup Week to Complete BlendKit2014 Last chance to submit assignments for badges! No webinar this week!